The Teaching

The Knowing God devotional series is written in a warm, conversational and easily understood way.





In Knowing God, the deep things of God are unfolded in simple language, helping make the Word of God relevant to everyday living.

The devotional studies seek to speak to your heart, not merely to your intellect. The primary purpose of the ‘Knowing God’ series is to establish a living relation­ship between you and God.

The Bible becomes alive, meeting your need and quick­ening your faith and joy in Him. If you are hungry to know God and desire a living relationship with the Lord through His Word, this is the study for you.

The Knowing God journey is chronologically arranged.  Here’s why…

The way the Bible is arranged does not take into account the order of events in which they occurred. For example, David’s psalms were not written after 2 Chronicles. Many were written at the time of events recorded in 1 and 2 Samuel.  Hosea and Isaiah did not prophesy after Esther was written. They lived prior to the Fall of Israel to Assyria. 1 and 2 Thessalonians were not written after Acts 28. They were written in Corinth.  Such examples could be multiplied.  

This Knowing God series seeks as far as possible to arrange the studies in a chronological order. So, David’s psalms are related to the various experiences which caused him to write them; the prophecies of the Old Testament are studied at the time when their historical backgrounds are being discussed; Paul’s letters are linked with his various movements recorded in the Book of Acts.


When the background events are understood first, it gives greater meaning and purpose to the psalms, prophecies and letters which were birthed in those experiences.

Because of this, we have opened our ‘Knowing God’ series with a fortnight’s study covering practical ways to know God. This should prepare you to come to the Bible with a particular attitude of heart and mind; to make living personal contact with God in the meditation of Holy Scripture, to sense His holy presence, to hear His blessed voice and to see that His divine glory is the all-embracing purpose of Bible meditation and study. We would encourage you to prayerfully work your way through these fourteen meditations on Knowing God.

Reflections and Reviews

Every week or so, there is a study dedicated to the reflection and review of the previous week.  These are designed to help you think through a specific biblical topic. We encourage you, for your own sake, to write your answer, share it with the Knowing God Community, read and encourage others in their reflections, and then compare it with the review provided in the following day’s reading.

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