Knowing God combines rich Bible study with rich Christian online community.

But how does it practically work?


Daily Study Delivery

Each day at around 6am, you’ll be sent your study for the day. By default, this will arrive by email address. However, you can also choose to have this sent to you in Facebook Messenger. Many people will choose this as it keeps them away from their inbox!  If you want to use Messenger, make sure you select it on the same day you sign up! 

Daily Bible and Lesson Reading

Each day there will be a Bible passage to read and related teaching.  You don’t need a physical Bible or to switch to a different app – you can read the Bible passage directly from the study page.  And, you can also switch between a range of translations.

Highlighting, Commenting and Discussing

On each study page, you can highlight anything you like, saving it to your Journal for review and reflection at a later date. Not only can you highlight passages, but you can also comment and discuss particular passages with the community.

Being Brave, Engaging and Encouraging

Each day after your reading, you’re asked to contribute what you thought, learned, wondered or questioned by commenting below.  This helps you to think critically and carefully about what you’ve read, helping to commit it to memory.
Then you’re asked to find at least two other contributions from others, replying to them with useful thoughts or words of encouragement.

My Journal

Your “Journal” will become an increasingly special place for you – a page dedicated just to you, to view all the passages you’ve highlighted and commented on over the course of your journey with Knowing God.


Usually every week there are days of “reflection” and “review”.  The reflection day is a day where you are invited to ponder some questions, do an exercise or something similar.  The review day is where you’re provided Milton Smith’s (author) own reflections on the previous day.

On these days you are equally encouraged to put your thoughts into the community and encourage others in their own contributions.

Community Encouragement

Outside of the daily Bible study comments and encouraging replies, you will have the opportunity to join a private Facebook Group created for all members of the Knowing God community.

This is the place where people can share more about their walk with God, discuss tips/tricks for Bible study habits, ask for and give prayer, share a worship song and in many other ways, encourage and uplift one another in this journey.  

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